August 28, 2013



Pick. Poke.  Assess ‘em all, so narrow.

Categorical, break down bone marrow.

Gotta watch your eyes.

Open wide.

Hold your glaze, daily basis

All subjects, all aces.

Congrats! Ka-pow!

You’re all know-how.

Biggest voice, you enjoy your sound

Wait for it, wait for it, now!

All ears lapping up, plowing the ground

Brightly ripened,

A mature cantaloupe

Question marks criteria

Universal microscope

Taste maker, incomparable

Stand alone.

Watermelons grow.

Watermelons get so…

Genetically modified.

Watermelons rupture

But, not you dude!

Strong mind, seeds of gumption

Not to be moved, swayed or booed.

Wait, you’re informally educated?


Yeah, me too.

Newsstands, hands,

High volumes, and chance

Got these little phantoms.

Fairy tailed fans.

Xerox a few, teach all your cues

Squashin’ their views

The eternal soap-box.

So crisp, so true.

I’m over here, this way!

My direction, take it and you’ll see.

I’m everybody’s Daddy.

Burn rubber blah hum bug blabber

Arguer, chatty.


I’ve set me up beautifully,

Set to increase my tricycle’s speed,

Now, let me hit that highway.


No cylinders. No need.

I’m out!

It’s All Me!

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2 Responses to “Pointing.”

  1. Cindy Jordan said

    I’ve missed you!

  2. Kirin Proctor said

    I get it! XoXo

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