Unlock it up.

November 6, 2013





Generally thinking of Me.

              As I work to be all I can be.

 Stuck in figuring around and through infinity.

   Back again, re: beginning.

         Off and out.    Self-stagnancy.

Convictions in the billions, points made,   most worthy.

 Morals, idiosyncrasies- ripped by wind.

     Pelting, grooving – moldy wood inside,

`          Bio-degraded blemishes

    Blended tissues of micro-organisms I’ve lived in.

Think for myself, Mr. Self.

The only You, no one else.   Think yourself stupid. It never stops,  never succeeds.                                    


First threshold- now busted, present another.  

I break them well, always..

It becomes necessity.


   Pursue a plow into pitfalls

Position some greater truth.

I question all questions;                    moments bursting, conjuring.  

              Please peer through plexi-glass clarity

   Proper laddering.  Smashing  ceilings.

                                                            Peeking, over into

                                                        my way out


                                                myself into light.  

                                     *What *is *that *which  *glitters

   *How *does *its *glitter *show?


                           munching and confused

                           and scrunching and

                      chewing and crunching.



If I could give it back, if only for a little while,

 Stay as small as possible.

Stay in shadows, sunshade- in the still..  

Holy One, break my breath.  

Stiff-necked, dismantle misused power, windswept.  

Thresholds of which I’ve been terrified..   


Ankle deep efforts,  bookless plots, showy searching,

septic tanks of need, surrender popularity.  

I surrender all other persons growing inside me.   

The Man called Desire, he’s slated to achieve.  

Goodbye, Mr. Mind, you keep me dead inside,.   

Hurt; outcry!  Again, goodbye!   

Spasms captured upon entering,

Camouflaged futures, I can not see.

Pick from me indigo flowering

Worry-free, predicting not where futures will be

Moments, for just now, this time being

Dissolve suturing.


If you choose,

please show me

From thresholds aloof.  

Stepping and braking.

Nearer to the ground.  

Backward on rungs, retracing.

Ladder. Step one- as tall as little king.



            Spinning and wailing.

      I’ve set me free!

        I think nonsense, I believe it, too.  

                               I’m dependent on substance.

          Substantial and authentic ideas absurdly bounce.  

                  It has been said,

  “inches deep“

                          Circle about circles.   

                                           Winning and spailing.




Bring me up to

Core’s warmth,

Regain for me,


wind-whipped rain,



Trickle back-

water logged thought.

Ryan Rado-

The former anchor

in a bag of bones.  

Grooves in cedar,

a wooden ceiling-

horizontal above the door.   

Half-vertical; I reach door handle

Open, walk through

Step over a body,

a shell I’ve not as so much procured,

wither-sift through

grates of light,

years upon years.  

I lack the will,

I surrender that, too.  

Everything .

I believe I am,

I surrender to you.


John 5

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One Response to “Unlock it up.”

  1. Ben Rodda said


    Somehow you flashed into my mind. I googled you. I love the poem. I scrolled through some posts on your “about” page. I saw that my mom left you a sweet message. It made me cry she is so sweet. Anyway…. I miss you dude. Hope you are well. Email me or something.

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